Competitive Research Grants Program Awards



 The Office of Competitive Research Funds (OCRF) is pleased to announce the outcome of the first Competitive Research Grants (CRG) program competition. The CRG program was designed to address KAUST`s research thrusts through interdisciplinary, exploratory, and novel scientific research led by KAUST faculty at KAUST facilities.  Sixteen projects have been selected by KAUST leadership. The awarded projects will begin research activities this fall and run from one to three years in duration.

Congratulations to all the awardees!

Competitive Research Grant (CRG) Program Final Approval
KAUST PIProject Title
Pierre BeaujugeDesign & Processing of Electroactive Materials for Energy Storage & Delivery
Michael BerumenBiodiversity in the Saudi Arabian Red Sea
Fabrizio BisettiDevelopment and Validation of Predictive Models for Turbulent Sooting Flames
Tamer El SayedA Novel Geometric Theory of Discrete Elasticity with Object-Oriented Computational Implementation Based on Differential Geometry
Andrea FratalocchiOptics and Plasmonics for Efficient Energy Harvesting
Nikos HadjichristidisThe Role of Macromolecular Architecture in Flow-Induced Crystallization
Ibrahim HoteitOptimization and Uncertainty Quantification of Ocean Boundary Layer Physics
Muhammad HussainNanomanufacturing of Mechanically Flexible Silicon for Multi-functional Applications
Zhiping LaiHigh-performance Porous Coordination Polymer Membranes for Separation
Boon S. OoiUltra-Broadband Semiconductor Laser
Valentin RodionovCatalysis With Soft Materials
Ravi SamtaneyNumerical Simulation of Complex Turbulent Flows Over Wind Turbines and Bluff Bodies
Gerard SchusterSeeing Below Salt, Rifts, and the Core Mantle Boundary by Supervirtual Interferometry
Georgiy StenchikovQuantifying the Radiative Impact of Dust Aerosol over the Arabian Peninsula and Red Sea and its Implications for Local, Regional and Global Climate
Sigurdur ThoroddsenPredicting Nanoscale Morphology in Solution-Processed Organic Solar Cells
Peng WangLayer-by-layer Assembled Au/TiO2 Heterostructures as Plasmon-enhanced Photocatalysts for Water Purification and Energy Conversion

The awardees are collaborating with the following institutions across the globe: 

      • California Academy of Sciences
      • Colorado State University
      • ETH Zurich
      • Georgia Institute of Technology
      • Harvard University
      • Imperial College London
      • Iowa State University
      • James Cook University
      • Jilin University
      • Moscow State University
      • The Chinese University of Hong Kong
      • University of Connecticut
      • University of Hawaii
      • University of Michigan
      • University of Oxford
      • University of Sydney
      • University of Texas at Austin