Academic Excellence Alliance and Academic Partnership Program Awarded Projects


​The Office of Competitive Research Funds (OCRF) is pleased to announce the completion of Academic Excellence Alliance (AEA) and Academic Partnership (APP) Program competitions. The twenty-seven (27) projects awarded will run in duration from two to four years and will engage faculty, research scientists, post-doctoral fellows and students in research projects in the areas at each of the six institutions listed below.

Congratulations to all the awardees!


University of Cambridge: Biosicence and Bioengineering​

Christian Voolstra

Molecular Diversity of Dinoflagellate Symbionts in the Red Sea--Development and Screening of a High-Resolution Ecological Marker for Symbiodinium​

 Arnab Pain

Parasitic Subversion of Host Functions


​University of California, Berkeley: Mechanical Engineering​ ​

Osman Bakr

Demonstration of On-Chip Inductors using Self-Assembled Nano Magnets​

Jurgen Kosel, Ian Foulds,

and Niveen Khashab​

Implantable Micro Drug Delivery System​

Kazuhiro Takanabe

Solar Hydrogen Production by Photocatalytic Water Splitting using Highly Crystalline Oxide and Non-Oxide Materials​

Fabrizio Bisetti and Suk Ho Chung

Electromagnetically-Enhanced Combustion: Electric Flames​

Ghassan Jabbour and Tamer ElSayed

Hierarchically-based Adaptive and Flexible Electronic Energy Harvesting Membranes for Large Surface Area ​

Aram Amassian​

Thermal Stability of Ultrathin Carbon Films of Hard Disks for Ultrahigh-Density/Heat-Assisted Magnetic Recording​


University of Texas, Austin: Computational Earth Science and Engineering​

Ibrahim Hoteit

State/Parameter Estimation and Uncertainty Quantification for Advanced Predictive Models of Extreme Events in the Coastal Ocean​

Victor Calo

Numerical Modeling of the Tectonic and Thermal Evolution of Continental Rifting​

Georgiy Stenchikov

 and Victor Calo

Refinement of Dust Entrainment and Transport Dynamics for Input into the Next Generation Coupled Land–Atmosphere Models​

Shuyu Sun and Ibrahim Hoteit

Simulation of Subsurface Geochemical Transport and Carbon Sequestration​

Tariq Alkhalifa, Victor Calo,

and David Ketcheson

Seismic Wave Focusing for Subsurface Imaging and Enhanced Oil Recovery

Martin Mai​

Bayesian Near Real-Time Earthquake Source Inversion​

Raul Tempone​

Uncertainty Quantification for Predictive Modeling of the Dissolution of Porous and Fractured Media

​Stanford University: Applied Mathematics and Computer Science ​

Tim Ravasi, Panos Kalnis, Xin Gao

Association of Genetic Variation with Phenotype at the Network and Function Level. An Obesity-induced insulin resistance case study in the Saudi Arabian population​

Vlad Bajic, David Keyes, Panos Kalnis​

Comprehensive Prediction of Tissue-Specific Regulatory Elements for Human by Using Integrative Analysis of High Throughput Functional Assays​

Martin Mai

High-frequency ground motion: Earthquake source dynamics and seismic scattering​

Khaled Salama, Xabier Irigoien, Christian Voolstra

The Red Sea Robotics Exploratorium​

 Imperial College London: Materials Science and Engineering​ ​

 Aram Amassian, Alexander Rothenberger,

 and Husam Alshareef

Towards Fully Printable Complementary Electronics on Flexible Substrates​

Kazuhiro Takanabe and Valentin Rodionov

Design and Engineering of Photocatalytic Material Structures for Solar Hydrogen​

Ghassan Jabbour and Udo Schwingenschlogl​

New Insights into High Temperature Electrochemical Energy Conversion Cells Leading to Next Generation ​

Jurgen Kosel and Jasmeen Merzaban

Development of Magnetic Micro and Nanostructures for the Application of Cell Treatment and Phenotypic ​

​University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign: Environmental Science and Engineering ​

Vivek Polshettiwar​

Development of High-Activity and Fouling Resistant Catalysts Using Novel Silica-Based Nanostructured Supports​ ​

Jean-Philippe Croue

Nitrogenous Disinfection By-Products in Reclaimed Wastewater Effluents: Chemistry, Toxicity and Control Strategies​

Gary Amy​

Advancement of Anaerobic Membrane Bioreactor (anMBR) Technology via Quantitative Sustainable Design​

Pascal Saikaly​

Primary Colonizers Eco-physiology in Submerged UF Membranes for Wastewater Treatment and Reuse: Effect of Cleaning and Composition of Membrane​