The Competitive Research Grants (CRG)

‚ÄčThe CRG program is KAUST's internal competitive research funding program for novel, curiosity-driven scientific research of the highest quality. Research funded under the CRG program is expected to lead to advances, if not transformations, in the frontiers of knowledge. Proposals crossing boundaries between different disciplines and fields are strongly encouraged.

Additionally, a key objective of KAUST-funded internal competitive research programs is to catalyze a world-class collaborative ecosystem both in the Kingdom and worldwide. Hence, the inclusion of leading external academic and industrial collaborators, providing key expertise and significant leveraging of resources to the project, is expected and will receive special attention during the review. In addition, the inclusion of initiatives and goals in proposals for recruiting graduate students and enhancing the participation of women is highly encouraged.

Two types of Proposals will be considered in the CRG program:

  • Exploratory Proposals: Proposals for very early stage small-scale, short-term, high-risk research projects, involving radically different approaches or applying new expertise. The Award Term is up to a maximum of 24 months.

  • Full Proposals: Proposals for high-quality, novel, ambitious and innovative research projects. The Award Term can be up to a maximum of 36 months.