Center Competitive Funding (CCF)

​​IMG_0162.JPGThe CCF Program is a framework "Center-mode" for KAUST Research Centers that promotes strategic, ambitious, goal-oriented, multi-and interdisciplinary collaborative research, aligned with KAUST's mission and one or more of KAUST's four Research Thrusts — food, water, energy and the environment — with an integrated education and mentoring program designed to prepare students for creative and innovative careers in science and engineering.

Center goals and objectives under the CCF Program expressly aim to catalyze technological innovation and economic development in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the world. Center  programming  is  for  complex,  unrestrained  and  audacious  scientific challenges  aligned  with  KAUST's research priorities and aimed at fostering creativity in goal-driven research. It's open to all KAUST Faculty members to ensure a dynamic composition of the Center membership. This includes future faculty members and those who are not currently members of any Center.

CCF Program includes mandatory contribution commitment from external collaborators no less than 25% of amount awarded to support external collaborations to foster connections and strategic links with the best-in-science around the world.​