KAUST Research Conference: Digital Health 2020

1/20/2020 - 1/22/2020

Building 19, Hall 1

The KAUST Research Conference: Digital Health 2020 is hosted and organized by the Computational Bioscience Research Center (CBRC) at KAUST.

The concept of Digital Health (DH) gained traction as a result of a number of complementary advancements in computational sciences, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Big Data analytics, OMICS fields and biomedical technologies with the common aim of improving the health of individuals as well as societal well-being.

DH holds the promise to completely revolutionize the entire healthcare system. This is of fundamental importance when looking at challenges such as shortage of doctors, pressed resources and rising demand from an ageing population in the developed world and lack of developed infrastructure in developing countries. Virtual clinics, wearable devices, smart inhalers for remote monitoring, the use of artificial intelligence to interpret CT and MRI scans, robotic surgery are just some examples of how technology can transform the way patients consult and communicate with doctors and receive better health services through lower cost. Improved access aims to ensure that the patients go to the right place with minimum delay and are prioritized according to their conditions and diagnoses.