About CRF

​​​Together with Research Services and Research Evaluation, Competitive Research Funds is part of the Office of Sponsored Research (OSR). Competitive Research Funds had though its distinctive role as administrator of the University's internal funding competitive process that identifies the most meritorious research and researchers at KAUST.


Competitive Research Funds is therefore responsible for internal competitive research funding, including the broad competitive funding programs directed towards individual PIs, multidisciplinary groups of PIs, Research Center competitive funding to support and advance KAUST Research Centers, equipment funding, as well as funding for KAUST internal conferences and workshops, to showcase KAUST and attract the best-in-science from the rest of the world to discuss at KAUST cutting edge science and innovation.

As part of OSR, Competitive Research Funds is distinguished by its strategic and operational expertise to design, introduce, nurture, monitor and evaluate its global, high-quality scientific research programs that are vital to advancing the scientific community at KAUST, in the Kingdom, the MENA regions, and the world. Thanks to its operational expertise all aspects of internal competitive research at KAUST are carefully administrated. KAUST research awards are sizeable by goal standards, ensuring that research goals are ambitious and the projects are rarely resouce-limied. KAUST proposal submission process continues to be streamlined and automated to reduce unnecessary administrative and reporting constrains. Research is rarely a linear process, so KAUST researchers are given reasonable flexibility in adjusting or supplementing their research award budgets within the confines of final accountability.