​The ​Pre-Award team is responsible for

  • Identifying and disseminating funding opportunities
  • Supporting proposal and budget development (providing guidance on non-technical proposal elements such as budget narratives/ justifications, workplans and management plans)
  • Supporting applications where KAUST is an unfunded collaborator
  • Providing budget estimates
  • Ensuring proposals adhere to sponsor and KAUST requirements and standards
  • Managing the internal approval process ensuring compliance before submission (all proposals; funded and unfunded, internal and external)
  • Facilitating award receipt, negotiation and acceptance of sponsored research awards with the 'Awards and Contracts' and 'Post-Award'​ teams

We work closely with colleagues in the 'Awards and Contracts' and 'Post-Award' teams to ensure relevant project details are considered and captured when developing proposals and budgets prior to submission.

Please also visit the Resources and FAQ pages for Research Services presentations and useful guidance documents. You are also encouraged to read the following pre-award documents which are available on the KAUST policy portal

The pre-award team pages will highlight the main points to consider when applying to a sponsor (funded or unfunded) as well as the current funding opportunities and the sponsors we work with and apply to.

If you would like to find out more, or require a costing for a proposed project, please contact the team for support