Managing Your Intellectual Property​

​​The Technology Management is responsible for all aspects of managing KAUST intellectual property. Technology Management staff are always available to discuss the intellectual property implications of your work and to provide guidance and answer questions with respect to the KAUST Intellectual Property Policy, as well as the ins and outs of disclosure, evaluation, patenting and licensing.

A meeting to discuss patent law may be especially important when gathering materials for publication in journals or theses or presentation at conferences and seminars. For further information on patenting an invention and related confidentiality issues, please contact Technology Management at KAUST (email:   


Invention Disclosure

If your work is being funded by an external sponsor, invention disclosure may be required by the terms of your grant or contract. Industrial partners typically require both disclosure of inventions and pre-publication review of papers, talks and abstracts. The KAUST Invention Disclosure Form is available for all disclosure purposes.


Filing Patent Applications

With the assistance and approval of the General Counsel, Technology Management is responsible for assessing the commercial potential of an invention on behalf of KAUST and has the full discretion to decide when or if to file a patent application on a disclosed invention. Patent protection begins by directing an outside patent counsel to file a patent application in the inventor’s name with a country’s patent office. The United States is KAUST’s first choice for patent filing because of its “provisional” patent process, which allows KAUST to preserve worldwide patent rights for 12 months before regular filing, thereby permitting researchers to publish new discoveries early without losing patent rights.

For more information on confidentiality, protecting your intellectual property, patenting or licensing, please visit the Technology Management​ website.