Award Management

​Upon award set-up, the allocated post-award administrator manages the award in accordance with the sponsors’ terms and conditions and KAUST policies and procedures working closely with the Principal Investigator and Business/Center manager.

To ensure proper stewardship of awards, post-award approval is required for the following:

Personnel Allocation

  • ​Personnel should be appointed on grants as budgeted. Post-award reviews personnel appointments on research projects against the awarded budget and forwards these requests to HR. In case of moving funds between personnel classes, re-budgeting is required if actual personnel requirements differ from the awarded budget and is addressed according to the sponsor’s terms and conditions.

Budget Monitoring

  • ​Expenses on grants must be allocated in accordance with the awarded budget. Cases of expense-posting rejections may occur when non-budgeted costs are allocated to the grant. Only project specific eligible costs can be charged to grants adhering to the terms & conditions of the award and KAUST policies.  OSR post-award monitors under and over spends. Expenses over-charged to the grant are moved to – and recovered against - faculty baseline funds. Any remaining balance on the grant is moved to the university’s central fund.

Invoice and Payments Monitoring

  • ​Invoices to sponsors are initiated by post-award when due. Post-award team liaise with the finance department on payments from the sponsors and in cases of outstanding invoices.

Sub-awardee invoices

  • ​Invoices from sub-awardees are released upon the successful and timely submission of technical and financial reports by the sub-awardees and a confirmation from the KAUST Principal Investigator regarding satisfactory completion of the project deliverables.


  • ​Post-award carries out reconciliation of each grant per project period. If there are any concerns regarding spending on the award, post-award works closely with Principal Investigator and Business/Center manager to address these concerns.


  • ​Post-award team reviews and approves re-budgeting requests submitted by the Principal Investigator, in accordance with sponsor’s terms and conditions.

Financial Statement Reports (FSRs)

  • ​Preparation of final financial reports is a shared responsibility of post-award and the Business/Center manager. Financial reports are reviewed and certified by the Principal Investigator before submission to the sponsor.

No Cost Extensions (NCE)

  • ​Request for 'No Cost Extension' is initiated by Principal Investigator (via Business/Center Manager) is passed to post-award team. A 'No Cost Extension' should be requested at least 60 days prior to the project end date or as per sponsor’s requirements. The Principal Investigator should provide a scientific and financial justification for the extension.

Carry Forwards

  • ​Carry forward of balances between project years/periods is not automatic or guaranteed; and is subject to sponsor’s guidelines and OSR Research Services approval.

Change of Principal Investigator

  • ​Any time there is a change in the leadership of a project; the sponsor has to be officially notified. The departing Principal Investigator must provide

    • A letter which includes the reason for this change, signed by both the departing and new Principal Investigator,
    • the CV of the new Principal Investigator


    The above documents must be submitted to Research Services for institutional review and signature.  Post-Award will liaise with the sponsor regarding obtaining approval.


  • ​Audits may be carried out by external and internal auditors at any time. Records must be kept for up to 10 years after the project culminates.