Pfizer Investigator-Initiated Research (IIR)


Sponsor Call Information​

Please contact the Research Services Pre-Award Team if you plan to submit.

OSR deadline: at least 10 days before you plan to submit to ensure enough time for internal approval, (including concept papers). 

Eligibility: Full-time faculty are eligible to serve as Principal Investigators (PIs).

About the Program
The IIR Program provides support for Investigator-imitated research that advances medical and scientific knowledge about Pfizer products and generates promising medical interventions.

IIR Research Areas

  • Clinical studies of approved and unapproved uses, involving approved or unapproved Pfizer therapies
  • Observational studies, such as epidemiology studies and certain outcomes research studies where the primary focus is the scientific understanding of disease
  • Other types of independent research on disease states, including novel diagnostic screening tools and surveys where Pfizer has no direct commercial interest
  • In vitro or animal studies
N.B.: no confidential and/or proprietary information must be shared.

Duration & Budget: not specified/ subject to budget availability. Eligible costs include: personnel, subject related costs, diagnostic fees and services, publication, consumables and IDC.

Submission Deadlines: Concept papers can be submitted at any time.  Submission is online

Sponsor contact: 

Please inform your Assistant Dean as soon as possible if you plan to apply