Awards and Contracts

​​​The Awards and Contracts team performs the following functions:

  • Review the terms and conditions of a research-related agreement. Examples of such research-related agreements include, but not are limited to, Material Transfer Agreements, Non-Disclosure Agreements, Sub-Award Agreements, and Collaborative Research Agreements.
  • Draft/prepare research-related agreements with external parties.
  • Negotiate research-related agreements with external parties.
  • Grant acceptance and obtain signatures on behalf of KAUST.

Research Services is responsible for negotiating and authorizing research-related contracts with external parties. All research-related agreements are made between the institutions, not the individual scientists alone, to be legally binding. Contracts are entered into with a wide range of external bodies including other universities, companies, government departments and agencies, charities and individuals. Every research-related agreement addresses topics such as publications, confidentiality, the liability to the University, ownership of intellectual property, dispute resolution, governing law, etc. It is in the Principal Investigator's best interest to have all aspects covered before starting a collaboration or research project.

The Awards and Contracts team works closely with the pre-award and post-award​ teams under Research Services  to obtain pertinent information and ensure project details are communicated in order to successfully execute and manage obligations under an agreement.

Research Services also works with Technology Management​ ​and General Counsel to ensure that terms and conditions are acceptable to the University.