About Research Evaluation

Research Evaluation Mission

  • Conduct evaluations and provide insight in order to foster data and context driven decision- 
making within the Office of Senior Vice President for Research, Innovation, and Economic Development (SVP-RIED)
  • Collect, curate, analyze and present research related data,
  • Promote a culture of assessment, strategic planning and research integrity at KAUST.

What we do

  • We organize and oversee the evaluation of and from advisory boards focused on centers, laboratories, programs and individuals in consultation with other OSR teams.
  • We construct comprehensive information systems and deploy business intelligence techniques to assist in planning, policy formation and decision-making.
  • We Service ad hoc data and information requests from the Office of Sponsored Research.
  • We Report emerging trends gained through research intelligence to the Senior Vice President for Research, Innovation, and Economic Development (SVP-RIED)
  • We Provide regular courses on research integrity and publication best practices.

Meet the Team

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  • Thibaut Lery, PhD

    ​Research Evaluations Director
    Telephone: +966 (0) 12 8083152
    Building 16, Level 3, Room# 3826

  • Hanaa Youssef

    ​Evaluation Program Administrator


    Telephone: +966 (0) 12 8083043

    Building 16, Level 3, Rm #3548

  • Eman M. Ahmed Bahjri

    ​Data Reporting Specialist


    Telephone:+966 ( 0) 12 8081133

  • Lina Ekere

    ​Research Award Coordinator (PTSA)
    Telephone: +966 (0) 12 8083554

  • Fouad Barhoumi

    ​Quantitative Analysis Specialist (PTSA)


  • Ameena Nishad

    Program Assistant (PTSA)

    Telephone: +966 (0) 128082045

  • Bakhta Ouali

    Research Data Analyst (PTSA)


    Telephone:+966 (0) 128083073