Research Highlights

Biology: Resistance requires a rethink of reused water

Certain bacteria-based water treatment systems may help prevent the spread of antibiotic resistance. Bioreactors contain diverse bacterial communities that are used to purify wastewater. A potential concern with bioreactors is that steady exposure to antibiotics in wastewater could promote genes resistant to antibiotics which could create superbugs. Read more at KAUST Discovery

Chemistry: Pure clear polymers

From the transparent cockpit canopy of fighter jets to everyday applications such as spectacle lenses and Blu-ray discs, polycarbonate plastics are valued for being light, strong and offering exceptional optical clarity. KAUST researchers have discovered a simple, clean, metal-free way to make polycarbonates from CO2. Read more at KAUST Discovery

Chemistry: Solid progress in carbon capture

Carbon dioxide capture is a high profile area of chemical research, offering a direct approach to tackling the rise in atmospheric carbon dioxide. This greenhouse gas is largely blamed for global warming and climate change. Read more at KAUST Discovery

Helping computers to see who we really are

Algorithms that train computers to automatically detect human activity in videos can improve online searches, and have potential applications in entertainment, healthcare and security. Read more at KAUST Discovery