Operations and Shared Services

The Operations & Shared Services unit is responsible for critical cross-functional support across the Office of Sponsored Research. The core support areas are:

  • Information Technology: Responsibilities cover the design, development and implementation of business applications and business analytics using BI tools. Provides insights to support key decision making by effectively using data integration.

  • Financial: Provides effective and efficient financial and budgetary management services ensuring the Office of Sponsored Research is compliant with all of the University's requirements.

  • Human Resources: Plans the use and optimization of human resources by organizing the recruitment and placement of required staff. Coordinates the performance management and learning and development program for OSR staff.

  • Shared Services: Optimizes the use of available resources in carrying out assigned tasks and ensures timely completion by creating and executing project work plans to meet changing needs and requirements in response to requests from internal stakeholders. Leads business process improvement initiatives to drive increased efficiency and productivity while also delivering a customer-focused and targeted model.

Team Members


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  • Hussain A. Aldabbagh

    Manager, Operations & Shared Services

    Telephone: +966 (0) 12 8082145

    Building 16, Level 3, Rm #3424

  • Abdullah Binquayeed

    Shared Services Lead

    Telephone: +966 (0) 12 8082758

    Building 16, Level 3, Rm #3412

  • Camilla Moltzau (PTSA)

    ​Secretary, OSR Director


    Telephone: +966 (0) 12 8083384

    Building 16, Level 3, Rm #3432

  • Floris van der Leest

    ​Senior Systems Analyst

    Telephone: +966 (0) 12 8083730

    Building 16, Level 3, Rm #3418

  • Mohammad Rehman

    ​Solutions Architect

    Telephone: +966 (0) 12 8083115

    Building 16, Level 3, Rm #3440

  • Mae Belle B. Noynay

    Business Officer


    Telephone: +966128081139

    Building 16 Level 3 Rm. # 3410

  • Ahmed M. Almutairi

    ​Business Analyst


    Building 16 Level 3 Rm.#3410

  • Asker A. Konnikuzhi

    Senior Business Systems Specialist


    Telephone: +966 (0) 128087715

    Building 16, Level 3 Rm#3420