Integrative Activities

​The Integrative Activities (IA) unit engages with key stakeholders of KAUST to facilitate the effective translation of research outcomes to educational, economic and societal impact. Through a multi faceted approach, IA develops and implements strategic initiatives and programs that integrate KAUST-supported research to practice; bridge the research and development gap; connect scientific breakthroughs to business innovation and education; and foster synergistic collaborative research dialogues and partnerships within Saudi Arabia, the Middle East region and the world. IA also explores and identifies new strategic research opportunities that align with the KAUST research portfolio and maximize the return on investment in research by KAUST. IA designs knowledge management and decision support tools to systematically link IA activities with other OSR teams and relevant units within KAUST.

 Team Members

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  • Manus Ward, PhD

    ​Lead, Integrative Activities
    Telephone: +966 (0) 12 8082069

    Building 16, Level 3, Rm #3426

  • Elena Moise, PhD

    Integrative Specialist, Integrative Activities

    Telephone: +966 (0) 12 8083016

    Building 16, Level 3, Rm #3428

  • Naadiya Carrim, PhD

    ​Integrative Specialist, Integrative Activities

    Telephone: +966 (0) 12 8083228

    Building 16, Level 3, Rm #3428

  • Najat Al Attass

    Award Assistant, Integrative Activities

    Building 16, Level 3, Rm #3410

  • Melanie Balkner-Zielke (PTSA)

    ​Integrative Activities Facilitator, Integrative Activities

    Building 16, Level 3, Rm #3428