​​ ​​About OSR

OSR reports to the Office of the Senior Vice President for Research, Innovation, and Economic Development (SVP-RIED) and supports the SVP’s overall mandate to ensure that the knowledge ecosystem at KAUST is world-class and sustainable and that research is innovatively integrated with our educatio​n and economic development missions. One of the truly distinctive features of KAUST compared to other research-intensive universities in the world is our virtual complete control of our own research destiny. In contrast to other major research universities, KAUST is the primary funder of its own research. This unique circumstance leaves OSR with a challenge not normally faced by similarly named offices worldwide: the necessity to capitalize on the opportunities provided by this agile and self-sustained funding model to achieve KAUST's mission.

​OSR support KAUST research and researchers in multiple ways:

  • Research Services supports KAUST researchers in acquiring and managing internal and external research funds and in catalyzing strategic collaborations
  • Research Evaluation structures and conducts the evaluation of research, manages research-related data and promotes a culture of integrity, assessment and foresight across the University.
  • Competitive Research Funds administers the University's internal funding competitive process that identifies the most meritorious research and researchers at KAUST.

OSR likewise supports the integration of research activities and outcomes with the education of KAUST graduate students and postdoctoral fellows and with the progression of Saudi Arabia's knowledge economy and social wellbeing. OSR must carry out these functions in a way that not only provides opportunities for the best ideas to surface and succeed, but also builds long-term relationships and trust within our communiversity and with our global research partners.

OSR Contribution to KAUST's Overall Mission

KAUST advances science and technology through distinctive and collaborative research integrated with graduate education. We are a catalyst for innovation, economic development and social prosperity in Saudi Arabia and the world. OSR supports KAUST's mission by ensuring that KAUST's research portfolio faithfully reflects our institutional priorities and values—what we believe in, what challenges we want to address and the strategic directions we want to take to enhance the knowledge-based economy and societal wellbeing of Saudi Arabia and the world. Our strategic goals are to support the most meritorious and transformational research and researchers; catalyze synergies and collaborations between KAUST researchers and with global partners; challenge KAUST researchers to excel in the University's priority areas; and ensure the relevance and impact of KAUST research for the Kingdom's aspirations for its people and for the world. KAUST research awards are sizeable by global standards, ensuring that research goals are ambitious and that the researchers are empowered to take risks in the search for transformational discoveries. Our proposal submission process is streamlined and automated so as to ensure that our researchers' time and efforts are optimally spent on creative activities. Transformational research is rarely a linear process, so KAUST researchers are also given reasonable flexibility in adjusting or supplementing their research award budgets within the confines of sustainable fiscal practices.​​